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The Blog Page is intended to host articles, essays and announcements from Junto members and guests.

All members are encouraged to request a Blog User ID and to create their own posts containing articles, essays or announcements. Those posts are of course subject to the rules of conduct and decorum set forth in the writing guidelines and the member T.O.S.

If you post an article it will include a comment box and share buttons for Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter as well as a ‘permalink’ url which you may send in other methods of sharing.



Anyone may make comments on the posts with the strict understanding that in the spirit of the Louisiana Junto those comments must not contain profanity, threatening language, personal insults nor advocate any illegal or general immoral activity.

Socratic Questioning Posts

The Louisiana Junto wishes to encourage the use of Socratic reasoning aka Socratic questioning in the discussion of issues. If you would like to create a Socratic Questioning assertion then such would be greatly welcomed. A Socratic Questioning assertion would be the simple assertion of an opinion followed by invective free questioning and answering by other members and guests.

If you want a brief over view of Socratic Questioning then please visit the Socratic Reasoning page on the Louisiana Junto main site. You may view an example of a Socratic Questioning to get a better idea of the process.

If you wish to designate your post a Socratic Questioning Post then please subtitle it, “A Socratic Question”. If your post, after review, is deemed to fit the format of a Socratic Question then it will likely be moved to the Socratic Questions section. You will be notified of this move and given a new ‘permalink’.

Commenting on Socratic Questioning Posts:

Due to the nature of Socratic Questioning, it is requested that if you comment on Socratic Questions that:

  • You make your question a non leading, straightforward single question.
  • You may suggest a redefined assertion in your question but unless the author accepts your redefinition in his/her answer then the original assertion remains the assertion being discusses.
  • Do not answer a question posed by another poster. In Socratic Questioning the intention is that the person making the assertion answers the individual questions.
  • If you follow up on the answer to a question and answer then restate the original question and state what part of that question seems unanswered.



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