Your article, or essay needed!

The Louisiana Junto staff has writer’s block and needs YOUR article, essay, or Socratic Questions

Your submissions are solicited and greatly appreciated. If you would like to share a well thought out, civil essay, article or discussion question with Junto readers (surely there must be one or two) then we would love to be your platform. Feel free to submit your work to us at or request further information at

Articles are general articles of an expository nature. They may contain opinions and interpretations but their main intent should be to inform or engage rather than convince..


Essays are statements supporting a specific opinion or deduction with the convincing of the reader to take a specific action or believe a certain way the main intent.


A Socratic Question is an assertion, usually in one or two sentences, of a position or belief that the author wishes to subject to Socratic Questioning.


The author must abide by the Louisiana Junto writing guidelines:

  • Submissions must be in RFT or MS Word format.
  • All essays must be submitted via e-mail to
  • Essays must be be submitted in one column and without graphics. The place where tables, charts etc. are to be placed in the essay will be noted by{insert exhibit __ here).
  • Tables, charts, or other diagrams must be submitted as a separate attachment and named the appropriate exhibit designation.
  • All sources must be cited by enclosing the name of the publication, author, page, year of publication and hyperlink if applicable in square brackets right after the appropriate item.
  • Essays shall not contain any verbiage that might be considered to advocate any illegal activity.
  • Author shall indicate if he/she wishes that a SHARE link for FACEBOOK be included on the same page as the essay.
  • Author shall disclose his/her full name and city and state and an e-mail address for correspondence with the Louisiana Junto.
  • The author shall indicate after each of the foregoing except for name whether he/she wishes that this information be shared in the essay posting.
  • The article, essay or Socratic Question must be stated in a civil manner, free of invective or uncivil language or selection.


The first submission will be reviewed for conformity with Junto guidelines. After the publication of the first submission the author may request contributor status and if approved will be assigned blog contributor rights.


Become a Louisiana Junto contributor today!

Updated: June 25, 2016 — 5:51 pm

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