Louisiana Third Party and Independent Voters, you have a free pass!


I know that sounds odd as it is usually the major parties that shame third party and independent supporters with the ‘don’t waste your vote’ shtick.

This election cycle though, Louisiana Republicans and Louisiana Democrats have a solid opportunity to vote their conscience in the Presidential election. In fact voting Republican or Democratic, for those that are outraged at the perceived awful choice of candidates with which they have been presented, is actually a waste of their votes.

Those that feel that their party has chosen an unsupportable candidate. Those that feel that their party has strayed from party principles to a deal breaking or near deal breaking extent. Those that feel that the drift from core values and candidates of character is accelerating and needs to be slowed or stopped. Those Republicans and Democrats have a perfect opportunity to show their displeasure, guilt free, without affecting the outcome of the election in any manner. They have the perfect opportunity to vote for the third party or independent candidate that closely reflects their political ideology, and actually influence their major party by the act of voting third party or independent. They will not need to worry about choosing the lesser of two evils rather than voting as they believe.

Trump wins in Louisiana regardless of your vote.

Trump wins in Louisiana regardless of your vote.

Here is why. Short of a scandal of Herculean scale, Donald Trump is going to win Louisiana’s eight electoral votes. It won’t be close. Those that would vote against Hillary Clinton even if Donald Trump drank human blood on national TV and appeared naked for the debates will ensure a Trump victory in this bright red state.

  • Electionprojection.com, often considered the most accurate elections prognosticator in the nation, predicts Trump by 17 points in Louisiana. [1]
  • Project 538 rates Trump’s chances of winning Louisiana at 97.%[2]
  • In the latest polling available, May 5-6, JMC Analytics and Polling places Trump in a 16 point, 19 adjusted point, lead.[3]

To be fair all of the major presidential race prognosticators, casting bones over the Louisiana map, are basing their predictions upon the JMC Analytics and Polling May poll. however, that poll did not reflect the jump in Republican unity after the Republican National Convention so the chances are that the Trump victory in Louisiana, barring a catastrophe, will be even more decisive.

If you are ideologically repulsed by either candidate but don’t want to let the greater of two evils, which ever one you might believe that person to be, win then you’re off the hook.


In determining the winner in popular votes in the Presidential race in Louisiana, well your vote is meaningless.  You will not affect the outcome of the election, nor will you influence the direction, platforms, policies or integrity of the Democratic or Republican Party if you vote Democratic or Republican in Louisiana in the 2016 Presidential race. It’s over, the finger hath writ, the writing is on the wall, the die is cast…well you get the idea.

Your vote will not change the outcome of the Louisiana contest for the eight electoral votes. If you vote for Trump or Clinton, your vote will not change the thing about your party that you dislike. It will not reflect your displeasure with the nominees, nor the system, nor the establishment, nor the demagoguery. If you do not agree with the direction of your party, its lack of ideological underpinning and the handling of the selection then voting major party is a waste of your vote.


However your vote doesn’t have to be wasted. While it will not affect the outcome of this election, just as voting Republican or Democratic will not affect the outcome, voting for a third party or independent will:

  • Serve notice to your party that you are not pleased with the direction it is taking.
  • Serve notice to your party that you will not be bound to its bad decisions and bad behavior.
  • Indicate to your party the ideological principles that you want the party to reflect by your choice of the more ideologically pure third parties and independents.

By not voting for your major party you can exert influence and make a difference if you are unhappy with your party’s drift away from principles and its poor candidate selection. Your vote for a third party or independent is an official, recorded, quantified record of dissent. When the increased third party and independent votes and the lowered volume of major party votes are noted by the major parties then the party leadership will know that straying too far from principles will cost party members rather than increase the circumference of the party ‘umbrella’ and add members.


You can do this important thing, this moral and meaningful thing without the guilt of thinking that you chose either of the candidates you dislike, because your vote outside the two party did not affect the outcome but did make a difference.

Wouldn’t you like to vote for ideals and character rather than against someone? I urge Louisianans that are fed up with their party’s misdeeds and diluted principles to ‘Opportunitatem cape’, take advantage of the opportunity, make lemonade out of the lemons of this election cycle’s deplorable slate of candidates and heavy handed procedures.

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[2] http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/louisiana/


[3] http://winwithjmc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/LA-Presidential-Executive-Summary.pdf

Updated: August 5, 2016 — 11:54 pm

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