Christians and Muslims, at one time not so different

Seventy five years ago, other than the technological gap and dietary laws, there were huge cultural similarities in rural American Christians and most Muslims. We both valued a rigid familial structure with men and women in prescribed roles and youth honoring age. Even though most Christian faiths did not ban alcohol most did preach extremely limited usage and probably the percentage of drunkenness and debauchery in the adherents was very similar (many Muslim men imbibed secretly). Both cultures largely believed in the passing down of trades and belongings from father to son and in a class structure that created great pride in the ‘class’ in which you found yourself although the American Christian believed in more mobility between those classes.


Today I can understand why a devout Muslim would hate the society he sees in the West while coveting its wealth.

  • I understand that the raw, encouraged, worshipped sexuality of the West would appall sober people who knew that it would lead to widespread ultimate discontent and the disintegration of families.
  • I understand that the disintegration of families would be seen as a descent into warring tribalism and the loss of civility and culture that had accumulated over the centuries.
  • I understand that the wanton drunkenness, reliance on mind altering substances or on mindless abstractions like TV and online pursuits to assuage the pain of living would be seen as destroying the ability of most to fend for themselves.
  • I understand that the worship of human accomplishment over the worship of the unseen creator would be seen as a denial of the miracle of creation and a descent into self absorption.


I can understand those reasons because as a Christian I share them.

I do not blame Muslims for wanting Westerners out of their lives. I do not blame them for wanting the decadence of the West removed as a temptation to their youth. In fact for that I applaud them. Their distain is understandable, their methods deplorable.

However I don’t believe that the groups which advocate Jihad against Christians and the west are necessarily taking their marching orders from the Koran or Mecca. Some are no doubt exhibiting a knee jerk reaction to western excesses much like supporters of Donald Trump in the U.S. are exhibiting a knee jerk reaction and responding to populist bluster in misdirected reaction to perceived leftist extremes and perceived ‘sell outs’ by so called conservative politicians.

I think most are being used by a bigger and broader statist movement that seeks to destabilize western political ideology, most specifically the idea of individual sovereignty. I believe that that this international socialist cabal has taken advantage of the energy and outrage of the Muslim world and directed it at the remaining vestiges of Western liberty and the evolved Christianity that has been the basis. At the same time this socialist movement encourages the very decadence and wantonness that Muslims hate in order to weaken western liberty and societal order. The identifiable, so called Islamic groups which are at the heart of the current radical Islamic outpouring are in fact often socialist political movements.  The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and the Muslim Brotherhood are both vestigial communist movements and work for statist, elite government. Many movements such as the The Wäisi Movement, The Somali Revolutionary Party and Gadaffism are based loosely upon the Islamic principles of ‘Zakat’, a forced charitable giving obligation however their organizations have adopted Marxist ethics, methods and disdain for religion.

I don’t know if there is an international governing body, a conspiratorial leadership or not. I doubt there is since statist typically work towards the same purpose by nature, occasionally cooperate when they have a common enemy and then fight like cats and dogs with each other the rest of the time, using the so called proletariat as fodder.

The reason I am writing this is that although I find Islam contrary to American political culture I do not find it a natural enemy of Christianity or the once vaunted American way of life. I think there are a lot of similarities between all great cultures that create order and value the unknown creator of life. I do believe that this current use of radical Islam is artificial and dangerous to liberty. It must not be allowed to dictate our behavior and limit our freedom, even the freedom to do self destructive things.

At the same time we need to look at the decadent, horrific culture that we have become and the direction that we are headed. Have you wondered how the western liberal, aka ‘progressive’ reconciles the harsh cultural restrictions of radical Islam and the utter wantonness they insist be inflicted upon our society? They can’t, they are just one of the tools being used by a statist oligarchy towards the same ultimate purpose. Neither their yearned for wanton lifestyle nor the ultra orthodox lifestyle of radical Islam will be allowed to exist once their usefulness is at an end. Both the stick and the carrot are put away once the beast is penned.

Vargasi Adjmi

Updated: June 25, 2016 — 5:54 pm

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