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Advocacy Group or Political Party

<h3>It started with an argument.</h3> &nbsp; I recently got into an online argument…..well a discussion I reckon since the other party was a very nice Constitution Party member. We all know that  arguments or discussions on the internet are generally the least productive types of dialog. They are the most likely to escalate over nothing. […]

Governor Edwards Executive Order, JBE 2016-11 Struck Down by La. 19th Judicial District Court


JBE 2016-11 On December 14th, 2016, Louisiana 19th Judicial District judge Todd Hernandez effectively struck down a controversial Executive Order issued in July of 2016 by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. The Executive Order, JBE 2016-11, was titled “Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination. It created a de facto ban on discrimination and/or harassment based upon “race, […]

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