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Essays are statements supporting a specific opinion or deduction with the convincing of the reader to take a specific action or believe a certain way the main intent.

BREXIT – Mourn or Celebrate?

BREXIT -- Mourn or celebrate

I’m conflicted on Brexit. I tend towards favoring independence from multi national confederations, especially if they attempt to manage domestic affairs. It is my core belief that most problems are best addressed at the point of their origin by the people experiencing them. Economic downturns are natural economic adjustments that force people to adjust their […]

What the Left May Have Right


As a self avowed, ‘right-winger’ I sometimes have to reflect on the necessity of the left wing. When I do I can not avoid the conclusion that the existence of the left, of collective thought, is vital to our social, economic and physical health as much as the existence of the right wing belief in […]

Think Local, Act Individually

THE PLATITUDE: One of the most common platitudes thrown about and adopted by lots of well meaning folks is the ever noble sounding, “Think Global and Act Local”. The message is that we are to think of ourselves as part of a global community and of global problems and solutions foremost. When we have these […]

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