The Louisiana Junto is patterned after the Philadelphia Junto founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1765, Before being considered for membership Junto members had to answer four questions regarding their motivations and attitude towards their fellow members and citizens.

Louisiana Junto members must answer the same four qualifying questions with the correct qualifying answers before being granted Junto membership.
The Junto is not a debating society. Although we hope to discuss many issues and will no doubt have varying opinions once again we are basing our discourse on Franklin's Junto's model.

1 - The preferred method of discussion is by using Socratic Questioning. Members will be asked to study the basic concepts of Socratic Reasoning and critical thinking and apply same over time. Links to lessons and videos regarding Socratic Reasoning will be provided.

2 -  Members must strive to abide by the Member Rules. Whenever a member is in violation of the Member Rules they will be gently warned. After a specific number of violations, as prescribed by a published schedule, members may be subject to temporary or permanent loss of participation rights or membership.

3 - Members will be expected to learn the history of Benjamin Franklin's Junto. Links to detailed information on the Philadelphia Junto will be provided. 
Louisiana Junto members will be required to agree to:

  • Abide by the Member Rules
  • Study Socratic Reasoning and submit to and pass an online test within one year of initial membership gauging their understanding of the concept.
  • A pledge to learn more of the original Philadelphia Junto.
  • A formal acknowledgement of the four qualifying questions and the correct answers.
currently the Louisiana Junto automated joining procedure is undergoing renovations.
Please contact us if you are interested in joining.


Have you any particular disrespect to any present members?
Answer. I have not

Do you sincerely declare that you love mankind in general, of what profession or religion soever?
 Answer. I do.

 Do you think any person ought to be harmed in his body, name, or goods, for mere speculative opinions, or his external way of worship?
 Answer. No.

 Do you love truth for truth's sake, and will ,you endeavor impartially to find and receive it yourself, and communicate it to others?
Answer. Yes